E3 Briefing and Party

OMG I thought my feet hurt at MTV… I’m really thinking hard about chopping my feet off at the ankles so that I don’t have to endure this agony. Okay I’m being a drama queen.

So Press Briefing was great. Full story tomorrow morning…but I’m sure most of you watched it live on Xbox.com. So what I’m here to tell you about is the afterparty. Hello, Killers. Yes, they played 12 songs. They freaking rock. The lead singer wears more makeup than I do, but he was completely delectable. I got about one minute of video that I’m hoping to post tomorrow. I’m too tired to take on any technical challenges at this junture. Did I spell that right?

So, highlights:

  • The food was mix and match–we’re the remix generation, remember? Salad bar (yawn) hot dog bar, taco bar, CANDY BAR…yeah, baby!
  • The Killers. Mmmmm… Killers.
  • Chemical Brothers.
  • Saw so many awesome developer friends. Love those guys.
  • Exclusive interview coming up with the producer of Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion. I was workin’ it.
  • I’m infiltrating the Sony party later this week. Workin’ it.
  • Got some guy from Konsole Kingz to take off his shirt to prove he has an Atari tat. Verified. He also offered me the cover of the mag. Whatever… how many chicks you think he floated that line to tonight?
  • DOA 4. Okay, this game looked soooo good. I have never found myself attracted to a game character before (except my boyfriend Master Chief) but man, I totally wanted to get on DOA boy. Yow.
  • Much goodness. Too tired to post more.


  1. Ok Trix, its time to let the intern or someone else take the pictures. Or, you need to put down the cocktails. I get sea sick looking at all the bluriness.. Either that or time to invest in a Canon Digital.

  2. Ok, time to invest in either a Canon Digital or put down the cocktails whilst shooting. The bluriness is not helping my hangover..

  3. DOA 4 yes, but you forgot Square-Enix?!?! (Kasumi kick). =) But then no SC III. Regardless Final Fantasy is monumentally huge, not sure the impact will fully register with the non-gamer press, but this is like climbing Mount Everest and Mount Fuji simultameously, and still being back in time for donuts. Yoichi Wada on stage with Microsoft, heavens alive. PS3 glory steal strategy, the Square-Enix deal will eat up the news cycle, at least it has among my gamer friends. And, plus the other GOOD NEWS: everything backwards compatible! And still even more, add the slew of other games, for a full knock-out punch: Gears of War, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead Rising, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, Quake 4, Halo 3, Call of Duty 2, Kameo, NBA 2K6, The Godfather, Ghost Recon 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and the EA rundown of Fifa 06, NBA Live 2006, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Madden 2006. Wow. Just don’t overlook the casual gamers and gadget freak slash mod types, narrowcasting into only hardcore gamers, can be limiting. This is a Game Over strategy to Sony and Nintendo, and by my estimation they played it flawlessy at E3 that is, the MTV gig was a major trainwreck. MSFT needs to work on Namco tho.

  4. Aw, sounds like I missed out…if I knew there was going to be a party, I would have crashed it!And I thought a press briefing was being stuck in room full of sweaty journalists sitting on plastic cafeteria chairs with a podium and a small aluminum fan. Okay, you guys proved me wrong.Is it "ok" if I repel into C3 tomorrow night? I promise not to knock over any standees or booth babes.

  5. Thanks Trixie! Major was kind enough to hook me up. I’ll be arriving as my real self, and introducing myself as myself. Wearing shirt and shoes, no less. But thanks again for the invite. I can’t wait :)m

  6. hey trixie it was nice meeting you at the party. i didn’t realize you were going to post the picture on your famous blog. today someone sent me a link which is how i found it.

  7. Wassup TriXie,Just wanted to comment on the KonsoleKingz guy. I take credit for putting him at the party but getting him to show you is tatoos was all on you. Just to clarify – any nice looking lady can’t just get the cover of our magazine. But the fact that he said that to you must count for something. Send me your address i’ll mail you the lastest issue when we are done with it.http://www.konsolekingz.comhttp://www.konsolequeenz.com

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