Infiltrating the Sony booth

So if you read Major’s blog this morning you’ll know he visited the E3 show floor today. What he didn’t mention–is he a prima donna, or just forgetful?– is that he had me along as a wingman (wingchick).

Yes, the Xbox booth is large and in charge. We freakin’ rock!

Then, Maj and I went over to the OTHER hall. The lair of the enemy. Even though we lacked credentials, we used a Jedi-mind trick to walk in behind a bunch of people who did have credentials. It was weird…I didn’t have the badge hung around my neck, but as I walked past, the security guard looks at the place where my badge would have been, smiled, and said "go ahead." It was a chick, so it’s not like she was distracted by my rack or anything. It was the power of the Force.

So me and Maj just stroll right through the Sony booth, checking stuff out, acting like we belonged there. We didn’t see anything about PS3, but PSP was prominant. I almost got run down by a forklift, so we moseyed across the aisle to Nintendo. Eh, kinda boring. I hope (okay not really) that they’re gonna bust out the cool stuff later on, ’cause this morning the booths are looking kinda weak. And I’m totally not biased.


  1. By the way, there’s a funny forum thread over on Engadget where they’re calling the new PS3 "the refrigerator." You know, because it looks like a kitchen appliance.

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