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See my monkey dance!

Check out my lackey’s hilarious game. Once you get full mojo, he’ll rip his shirt off….

And hello, if I’d known he had legs like this I would have had even more trouble following the "Do Not Hit on Lackey" rule. How many weeks til the wedding Shawn?


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6 thoughts on “See my monkey dance!

  1. MthdDirector on said:

    Pure genius. Admit it, Trixie, Xbox NEEDS talent like this.And no, I didn’t get the full Mojo. Can’t go there. Didn’t want to. (no offense, Shawn, I’m just not the target audience)

  2. Josh on said:

    Next time i hit the club, i’m stealing shawn’s dance moves. Who can resist the classy ass smack?

  3. Shawn on said:

    lmao… thanks. It was a blast to make… maybe a sequel is in order? I need to work on some new moves… or maybe TriXie can be in the sequel so it’ll hit MthdDirector’s target audience and he’ll go for the full Mojo! 🙂

  4. MthdDirector on said:

    …Trixie…? your chance for internet glory? Or, "party house" version: 2 people on the stage…if 1 gets mojo’d, the other walks off…but if both get the mojo…?! Move over, Konami

  5. Christa on said:

    rofl, Meth. I thought THIS was ‘Internet glory’ 😉 Bring on the mojo!

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