Skin for Sale on eBay

Not mine.

This dude Eye Q Trader auctioned off ad space for the Xbox 360 on his flesh! Makes you wonder just what he traded his Eye Q for, huh? Read the interview here. The winning bid was 134 bucks. Check it out here.

How much do you think he’d want to get ‘TriXie’s Tart’ tattooed on his ass?

4 thoughts on “Skin for Sale on eBay

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  1. Her last statement was the closing to the article. BTW, nice update shawn! I like how I got sucked in by one of the booth babes and you had to save me. hahaha, good times.

  2. I didn’t see a good place to comment about this, but it’s cool you put up pictures of the Xbox Live team, that is fun. I was getting sick of seeing every picture be Major Nelson. And it looks like someone has a puppy…

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