words about words

Trench sez:

"The Grand Final match is set!

L Terry15 L of the United States, ii Cabel ii of Australia,  ll Theos ll of France, aimitux of Japan,  Pr0gamer of Germany and King Tuur of the Netherlands will all be battling it out at 7pm GMT (12pm PST…or high noon J) for the title of Xbox Live Worldwide Halo 2 Champion."  

One thought on “Halo 2 Grand Finalists!

  1. MthdDirector says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know I’m on standby for this tournament, in case anyone "drops out" at the last minute.I’ve got numbers for the foreign consulates and paperwork for 5 citizenship applications – but my money’s on "L Terry15 L"Terry L: when room service arrives unnannounced, eat the burger, Terry. EAT THE BURGER.I’m in the lobby. Thanks 😉

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