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Awww yeah, my little Dutch boy King Tuur is still in it to win it!

From my marketing bro Trench: "The semi-finals pit the United States (I terry15 I), United Kingdom (o0 lethal 0o), Singapore (tidusSG), Finland (iw1k1ll), France (I theos I), and Australia (cabel) against each other for a shot at the Grand Finals.  The top 3 countries will advance and face Germany (pr0gamer), Japan (AIMITUX), and King Tuur of the Netherlands in the Grand Final match."

One thought on “Halo 2 Tourney Update

  1. MthdDirector says:

    I am so disappointed that I didn’t level up past a 4 in rumble pit. Ok laugh all you want. Ha ha. Yeah 4 hurts. I coulda been champion of the world.I hope they show some video of the finals – that would be cool to see 🙂

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