Conker Play and Win this weekend

Remember that Conker doll I teased you with last week? Well here are the details on how you can score one for yourself.


  1. How big are these plush "action figures" of Conker? Circuit City is giving a plush "action figure" away with the purchase of the game this week.

  2. In that case, I shall see what size the "action figure" is at Circuit City tomorrow at lunch. I’m sure my son will enjoy either one.

  3. How are you all going to determine a winner if people already have the game and have been playing…that wouldn’t be fair if people already had a jump start……..(PS…. I just got to get one of these so called action figures. 🙂 )

  4. Just picked up Conkers at Circuit City and the action figure it came with. The figure seems to be the same size as you described Trixie, same outfit as far as I can tell too.

  5. I believe they can tell day by day stats. How long an individual person logged in, within a given parameter of time.

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