Who should play Master Chief?

It’s my fervent belief that an unknown actor should play Master Chief, but we all know how big names drive box office… so if you were casting the rumored Halo movie, who would you choose?

My personal criteria is he’s got to be young enough to kick ass, but old enough to have some gravitas (letting out Russell Crowe and lame-os like Orlando Bloom). He can’t be more famous for being a celeb than for being an actor. No one wants to see Ben Affleck or Tom Cruise as the Chief, am I right?

What do you think? Colin Farrell, or is he too short? Vin Diesel? Can I forgive him The Pacifier? Eric Bana was terrible in The Hulk (well the movie blew), but redeemed himself in Troy. Ewan McGregor? Hugh Jackman? Who is possibly cool enough to play the part?


  1. Master Chief: Jason Statham. He’s got great presence, and the chicks dig him.who should direct? Unfortunately I’m busy at the moment so I will need to pass 🙂 ha ha …but I think Bryan Singer would be an interesting choice. Or the guy who did Bourne Identity – Doug Liman.

  2. btw Universal will be pushing for the Rock, without a doubt. He’s doing Doom for Universal.

  3. No Rock…never. ESPECIALLY if he’s in Doom. I say with Alex Garland wrting the script, we get Darren Aronofsky to direct. That would be interesting.

  4. Why do we need an actor for Master Chief? You never see him out of the armor so put somebody in the suit and then hire a good voice actor (maybe even the guy from the game) and do it that way . This could be like the Vader combo of David Prowse and James Earl Jones

  5. I agree!I wouldn’t want the Rock for the same reason I wouldn’t want Vin. Vin would turn Halo into the Vin Cartoon Character Adventure Show. But unfortunately, these 2 names are undoubtedly at the top of the list. MS holds veto, Trixie, so lobby lobby lobby! :)Oh, gotta add Pauly Shore!

  6. …isn’t Tom Cruise a little "vertically challenged" to be considered anyway?I mean, Master Chief is what, 7ft tall? Tom Cruise falls short by a good…ooh, what, 3ft? There’s only so much computer effect jiggery-pockery they can do, you know. :p

  7. HHMMM ,….. should we go for King Tuur?, neaa maybe,…Me,.. that’s it yup why not I’m young enough to kick ass, and I guess my gravitas is’t bad enough LOL!![img]http://storage.msn.com/x1pdLXRxRjWnrACKXKJoaLo_wt0juxP2lT_9uoVHU6qsgd2dWtLrGn8g-kOjbm0SzYxbQ1EVdXuuDQXr3fkodtbuTYMEn7N9rVKoDfQ3H_R9_lQ6TeU0GDzDQ[/img]

  8. If he doesnt take off his helmet, what’s the diff? I say keep the same voice talent as the game.

  9. I’d never heard of Jason Statham before, but he looks like a good candidate. Tom Cruise is too short, too old, too annoying, and too much involved in a religion based on a sci-fi novel. Oh, Ceeser, "jiggery-pockery" is my new favorite word/phrase/hyphenate/whatever.

  10. I say Cole Hauser, he was the guy who has played in "Paparazzi" and 2 Fast 2 Furious, Pitch Black, Chronicals of Riddick, and tons of other movies including Dazed and Confused..

  11. I agree with keeping the same voice personality.The face (the mask never came off in the game) doesnt matter to me. Keeping the same voice works.

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