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Check out my just-published interview with Michal and Paolo–two pals of mine here at Xbox that know EVERYTHING about gamercards, gamerscore, gamerzones and more.


4 thoughts on “Xbox 360:All about Gamercards and Gamerzones

  1. Unknown says:

    rad! lots of content. I am also glad your Xbox didn’t die of neglect, and I can’t give you crap about playing Arcade, since I bought Astropop, and also play a ton of Pinball Hall of Fame.

  2. Mark says:

    Great info.. I’m glad to see a Crimson designer on the team for xbox 360. Wildchicken ran into us (NBA) in a Halo 2 match a while back so we convinced him to throw Crimson back in the xbox and fly a couple matches. Good times…

  3. Josh says:

    I love the "avoided players" option. AT LAST!!!

  4. Princess says:

    hi ya triXie, i have a couple of questions…maybe you can help me out. I was wondering about the release of rainbow63 lockdown, is that being held off so that it will be released with the new xbox? I was wondering also about the new box and the old box games…are they backwards compatible? I dont know if we cant afford two brand new xboxes….we are both gamers, my husband and myself, very addicted gamers at that. So let me know what you can, and many thanks!….Boobie (girl gamer)

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