The Weekend Report

Okay I broke down and went to see War of the Worlds after vowing not to put any money in Freakazoid Cruise’s pocket (he’s getting like ten percent of the box office). The problem was me and my pal O were at a theatre (The Majestic Bay) that only shows three movies. I’d already seen Batman Begins and she’d already seen Mr and Mrs Smith, so we were stuck with War of the Worlds.
I rate this film an "H" for HATED IT. Me and O both wanted to leave. It was so dark and depressing and scary and tense. A superhottie I know thought it ‘rocked’ due to some fab composition between CG and live action. I’m a slut for plot and dialog myself, so the hottie and I have to disagree on this one. Me and O felt like we’d been through a war ourselves after watching that bad movie and even the crunchy roll at Sushi Sam’s couldn’t cheer us up. We had to rent Hitch to lighten us up. Man, Eva Mendes is hot, huh?
I spent too much time at the pool and my skin resembles tree bark. It’s not a good look for me. I did however read  a good book called A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby and an ‘eh’ book called Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch by Hollis Gillespie who is funny but too lazy to do a little rewriting and eliminate the redundancies out of her essays or columns or whatever they were.
Happy Fourth of July!!! And a happy belated Canada Day to y’all up north. 


  1. I am confused here and I thought the whole time that you knew better than this! What possessed you to even consider seeing a Tom Cruise movie, O or no O… *shakes head and roll eyes*

  2. Yeah I did like Batman. It was good, but ephemeral…blew outta my head the minute I left the theatre. I dig movies that stick with ya… like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  3. Couple of problems:1) Tom Cruise crossing the boundary of thespian and self-help guru. There’s a difference between saying "I have the need, the need for speed" and commenting on post-partum depression. That doesn’t mean that we give carte blanche to psychologists or the medical community without being informed ourselves.2) Tackling "War of the Worlds" in picture form doesn’t do the Orson Welles version justice. The reality is that when Welles did his radio version you couldn’t flip on your TV and check out CNN or MSNBC to see actual footage of the event or to see if it was a hoax. This was the "pre-wired" world and the spoken word over the radio ruled. I’ve talked to family who sat as young kids around the radio listening to this live and they still remember feeling truly scared. I would submit that this wouldn’t do justice to that and the fact that Cruise went on a Scientology binge just prior to the opening didn’t help matters.Trixie, thanks for the interviews, news, etc that you provide each day!

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