Randomocity Part Deux

Things that SUCK:
  • London bombing. Man, who knew the French were that pissed off about the Olympics?
  • WTF is the point of putting Judith Miller in jail? Buy her book Germs: Biological Warfare and America’s Secret War so at least she’ll have some scratch when she gets out of the pokey.
  • Zsa Zsa’s stroke. I actually preferred Eva (Green Acres and the voice of Miss Bianca) but I love just saying ‘Zsa Zsa’ daaaahling.
  • Can we just saw Florida off from the rest of the US like Bugs Bunny did? What with the child rapists/murderers, shark attacks, ‘gators and now hurricanes it just doesn’t seem worth it. BTW with Dennis ridin’ up on Cindy’s ass, y’all are in for some weather.
Things that ROCK:
  • Fantastic Four comes out tomorrow! No Tom Cruise!
  • Space Shuttle Discovery launches next Wednesday!
  • Congrats to blog readers JoshAKAMordeux, Gerlach310 and DirtyDiva. You know what you did!
  • Happy Birthday to my good pal Godfree of Gamertag Radio fame.
  • Halo 2 Maptacular! Vote for your fave map at majornelson.com and play ’em with the Frag Dolls in the inaugural Xbox Live Frag Doll Friday. This just in: the girls will be kickin’ your booty in the Xbox Exclusive Ghost Recon: Summit Strike on August 19.
  • Congrats to my lackey, Shawn, who just returned from his honeymoon. Now that he’s wed, he should be developing a massive crush on me at any moment. I apparently emit a rare pheromone that only married men can detect. Wait, that doesn’t rock, that sucks!
  • Congrats to my Canadian pals at Xbox Canadian Live or XCL, who just had their annual XCL Expo last weekend. They were kind enough to invite me… next year guys!


  1. Anyone who blows the cover of a CIA agent shouldn’t just be put in jail, they should be killed. A similar thing happened some 20 years ago and it got many agents killed in Beirut.Bottom line, revealing names of agents gets people killed.

  2. Judith Miller never published anything that revealed the name. They need to find the d-bag in the Bush Administration that leaked.

  3. Thanks for the congrats! … and I have been checking your blog a lot more often since I’ve been back… hmmm… perhaps that pheromone can travel over the Interweb!?

  4. Hey Trixie, thanks for the kind words and you have an open invitation to next year’s <a href="http://www.xboxcanadianlive.com">XCL</a&gt; expo. I believe its taking place in Edmonton , AB nex year. We will be sending you a full report on what went on this year… Its a great community filled with the kind of people that make Xbox and Xbox Live such a cool experience. Thanks again for your support.

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