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Here are the ten lucky Conker: Live and Reloaded players who won the Conker plush action figure (doll):
XTC999, ReverendNut, NOX RYAN 2,Keonimanasan,EvilerEndymion, dopplegangers, THiNX, eose, DurangedDynasty, and SHEAN666
Here are the ten luck y ducks who won the Conker t-shirt: 
ShadowWizard, froston 4, GoofyCA18DET, NitZero, BohemianCrab, SR Dopey, SpitNyerEye, Blazed Killa,Eliminator76541, STEET KLEENER2

One thought on “Conker Contest Winners

  1. Joe says:

    Thats pretty lame, I’m froston 4 and I never got my T-shirt or was notified that I ever won one. ><

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