Xbox Woodshop Project

I love this kid!
"Dear TriXie,
In my junior year (04-05) I took 2 advanced woodshop classes. Lots of fun but the most difficult part was always figuring out what exactly to build. In woodshop 3 I was running out of ideas of things to build, I didn’t have alot of space and I defnitely needed some sort of cabinet or desk to organize all my Xbox gear, magazines, TV, and books. So, hitting me like a 1/2 ton Spartan, i came up with a completely original Xbox cabinet. It has a space custom fit for the Xbox, 4 spaces for controllers (which even the bobo- huge controllers fit in) and plenty of space for my games and magazines, plus a huge top to put my TV on. I attached pictures of it with the e-mail and i hope you like it, I added a personal touch to it by adding hand carved rosettes ( the little circles in the top corners) and engraved the xbox symbol in the center. –GeneralLee0"
Check out his project. I need to get me one o’ them!


  1. Thanks so much Trixie for taking time to read my e-mail and post it, maybe i’ll get lucky and get some orders for my project…thanks again!Jared aka GeneralLee01

  2. Looks good…*but* I would say that it might result in the console overheating, as it looks like there is inadequate ventilation.

  3. Good work General, but I agree with Ceesar. If you dont have one already, I’d install a fan in the back of your project (preferably blowing to the back) to increase airflow around the xbox. As you know the xbox can get wicked hot.

  4. You could simply drill some holes on the sides of the panels holding the xbox in to ensure adequate ventilation.

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