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Has anyone seen March of the Penguins? Cuz I want to see it, but not if I have to see bad things happen to the baby penguins. So help me out here.
Bonus points if they do a dance to "Jolly Holiday" with Dick Van Dyke.

7 thoughts on “Penguins, anyone?

  1. Josh says:

    I would go see it, and I know previews aren’t everything, but what plot could there possibly be that can’t be seen on the Discovery channel?I also heard the ending involved a guy taking a piss and an over-agressive King penguin. I may have to miss out on this one. :O

  2. Mickael says:

    I can tell you that some penguins MAY die during the film, sadly, alone, lost in the white horizon. You MAY also see baby penguins abandonned.That’s sad, I know. But maybe the US version won’t have the crappy dubbing with actors trying to do poetry while a mother penguin is eaten by sea lions.(Now you are warned)

  3. Arthur says:

    Yup. I’ve seen it. If you saw the preview, you saw it too. Not much else happens. But I did like it.

  4. ROGER R says:

    TriXie, I saw it last Sunday with my woman, and she cried through the whole thing. It’s not just baby penguins dying but the moms and dads too. Definitely an intense documentary. Those penguins go through a lot!

  5. Surly Duff says:

    Trixie, you should watch out for Angry Penguins.

  6. Christa says:

    Ew. I’ll definitely skip it. Dead baby penguins is one of the reasons I hate nature. Thanks for the warning Nappster!

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