Worst Bachelor Party Ever!

Attention bachelors in Monroe, Indiana. You suck!
My good friend Mordeux was recently the honorary guest at the WORLD’s WORST BACHELOR PARTY!
Listen lameasses, you don’t take the groom golfing, and as much as I love it, you don’t set up a game of Halo 2. And you don’t make the guy wear a frickin’ Spider-Man mask! You make him wear a STRIPPER!
Strippers! Strippers! Strippers! You hear me? What the hell is wrong with you?
You crap-for-brains boys better get your act together before Saturday. You take that lad to a strip club and you fill his hot little hand with a handful of lapdance coupons. (They have pictures of Andrew Jackson on them).
Do it now!
TriX out.


  1. Now I know you are a wild child!Geez Trixie. All my friends don’t have the standard bachelor parties anymore. That is so archaic.People don’t want to act like they are depressed for getting "locked down", they want to celebrate soon being with someone for life and having a great time with close friends happy they are moving to the next step.Grow up Trixie and get with the times! 😛

  2. I’m with you TriXie.I sure as hell wasn’t feeling depressed when I had mucho T&A in my face during my bachelor party. I’m not even a big fan of strip clubs – but it was such a blast. I guess it also depends on your sig. other and how much they hassle you about it. I wasn’t going to do the whole stripper thing due to the broken jaw (wayward breasts could smack me in my tender jaw) but the woman said "oh no, you’re seeing boobs during your bachelor party!" How cool is that?

  3. Exactly, Lackey.Gentlemen, if your betrothed will not ‘allow’ you to have a bachelor party at all you may as well just clip your berries right now. Keep ’em in a safe place though cuz you’ll want ’em again when you have your mid-life crisis.

  4. LOL, "clip your berries now"….<tears streaming>That reminds me of the old George Carlin bit where he wants to go bowling with the boys and his wife clips his "frank and beans" and puts it in a drawer with the words "you won’t be needing these to bowl…you can collect them when you get back home!"Lot’s of neutered men around the world screaming "give me my berries!!!" Go out with a bang now, rather than resenting it for the rest of the marriage.

  5. Haha that was a nice rant."Strippers! Strippers! Strippers! You hear me? What the hell is wrong with you?"made my day, Trix. Good clean fun haha

  6. Hey Unbelieveable, when you woke your friends up after they fell asleep at your bachelor party, did your wife send them home w/a gift bag of bath gel and nail polish? I bet they loved that. Did she make sure you sent them all thank-you notes with a personalized message? Because that’s what all the metrosexual bachelors are doing these days. I mean, get with it!

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