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Yikes, geezer alert! Not only did an old bag rip me a new one on the plane yesterday, but today a different crypt keeper nearly killed me on my way to work!
This one was driving a shiny new SUV with a crusty old driver’s license. Either she couldn’t see the lines in the road, or else she has forgotten what they signify.
Beeyotch nearly clipped my Beetle. What is it with old ladies?

7 thoughts on “Attack of the old ladies!

  1. Surly Duff says:

    Just old ladies? Hmmm, you should try driving on the east coast. Freakin’ morons over here. I can’t count the number of times some idiot turns into my lane illegally.

  2. Christa says:

    This ol’ dame was straddling the lanes. Maybe she thought she was supposed to keep her car on top of the dotted line.

  3. Surly Duff says:

    I see those types of drivers too. And why isn’t it surprising you drive a beetle 😉

  4. Christa says:

    I love my Beetle! It’s Xbox green!

  5. Jeremy says:

    A green beetle, huh? The more I read about you, the cooler you get 😉

  6. Unknown says:

    TriXie, you should consider modding your car. Picture it "James Bond" style – missiles, etc. Then show geezers, nation wide, that you, TriXie, exist.

  7. Dede says:

    Try Living in Daytona Beach are with the old cotton tops and the bikers who think they own the road. I think that they have fallen off on their head too many times… thanks to the helmet law!

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