We are no-go for launch

Wah, I’m not G-phoric. My flight was delayed and I wouldn’t have been able to get to the taping in time, so I had to abort mission. Bummer.
However I did get to sit on the plane for half an hour before they discovered the A.C. was hosed. During which time some old arm-rest hogging broad gave me a Ben-Gay scented raft of crap about violence in video games and how kids can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I said to her, "Listen, grandma, sounds to me like you could use some Hot Coffee." Okay, I didn’t say it out loud.
In other news, some creep is flaming me and my mammaries on Major Nelson’s blog, and I have a story on Xbox365.com that you should go read. Cuz those guys rule and they made me a cool logo.

10 thoughts on “We are no-go for launch

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  1. yah, ‘gah’ is short for "gawwwdanngitssonofabict!"airplane gets cancelled? or miss the nail and hit your thumb? …gah

  2. C’mon Trixie, fess up and admit that you got "cold feet", since you didn’t want to fall under the "Wilmer spell", so you concocted the "airplane failure" story, right?GAH!!!!

  3. I’ve been following the comments on Major Nelson’s Blog.It is sad that someone has to try to discredit your accomplishments just because they are bitter and jealous.I’ve read your writing and it is top notch.(I think I’ll go read the Xbox manual right now 😉 )Thanks for supporting the community.

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