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Coming in December, PlayStation 2 uh… gamers can play Mythmakers: Trixie in Toyland.
Description on IGN:

"Trixie is a cute, cheeky, bouncy bunny on a mission. Trixie finds Toyland taken over Mumbras evil forces, creating misbehaving toys and naughty gadgets that want Toyland for themselves. Trixie must navigate Toyworld a fascinating world created from alphabet blocks, dice and other toys, and save the day."

Wait, "naughty gadgets?" Hmmm. 

What’s next, Major Nelson in Wal-Mart?

2 thoughts on “The Revenge of PS2?

  1. Jeremy says:

    TriXie is my heroine!… *love struck sigh*I’m talking about Xbox Live’s TriXie, not the bunny clad girl from this game.Now "Major Nelson in Walmart" is a game I would play… LOL

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