Conker in the Xbox Cafeteria

That damn squirrel–can’t take him anywhere. The lil bastahd made me wait in line with him forEVER and then ended up just getting tots and a brownie!


  1. Nice cafeteria! beats our commissary, from the looks of it. Yes we have pizza too, but there’s always some nasty charcoal stuck to the bottom of the dough.Diet coke. Hah. Shameless plug. I bet you work for Coca Cola :)Gah! you have ping PONG! Don’t let the rodent muck it up. Watch it there, little feller.Smoking section is in the back, I see. No rain protection, hmm. Hah, Nothing like a furry critter hanging out near the ash tray to snuff out your cigarrette butts on ’em. Yes, ASPCA, squirrels do just fine.Thanks for the tour, Trix! 🙂

  2. Ha, I love this!Followed over from Maj’s and I’ve gotta say, I was hoping you’d do more of the ‘series’. Very cool idea 😀

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