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Awww yeah, baby. Ass was kicked by me.
Maj kicked me out of his office at 6:30 (I truly believe he was jealous of my many killing sprees and couldn’t stand to hear me gloat anymore about my triple kills), but in the 90 minutes I played, I only gave away 3 t-shirts. Congrats to OminousSimon, oMINIONo, and abbott, who managed to kick my pink-armored tush (but just barely). Some lame-o said to me "XboxLive? That’s a real original ‘tag." Another couple of morons asked "are you a girl, or a homo-y guy?" Which I don’t think is very nice. I sent bad feedback on that dude.
Check my last game. Too bad my team was USELESS!

12 thoughts on “I kicked SO much ass!

  1. MthdDirector says:

    Dang you must be good.xl on that "I got schooled by TriXie on Xbox Live" pls

  2. Mark says:

    saw your stats. Extremely impressive.

  3. Allyn says:

    Nice work TriXie. Have you ever been the Mystery Gamer before and are you likely to do it again?

  4. Brian says:

    I can’t lie. That was a good game Trixie.

  5. Unknown says:

    I guess I can’t give you crap about not playing your Xbox enough anymore.

  6. Surly Duff says:

    How about "I got spanked by TriXie on Xbox Live" instead of schooled?

  7. MthdDirector says:

    spanked is good

  8. Allyn says:

    Yes, I believe "spanking" would be popular.

  9. Rainmaker2112 says:

    I couldn’t get into the games, but looks like I would have been owned anyhoo.How about "I got Trixie-fied on Halo2"Nice job T-to-the-R-to-the-ixie.

  10. Mark says:

    Yeah, pretty impressive that you n00bed a bunch of noobs. Good for you.

  11. Eksir says:

    If those were the only bad comments you heard on Live, then you were playing with a better group than most!

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