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I kicked SO much ass!

Awww yeah, baby. Ass was kicked by me.
Maj kicked me out of his office at 6:30 (I truly believe he was jealous of my many killing sprees and couldn’t stand to hear me gloat anymore about my triple kills), but in the 90 minutes I played, I only gave away 3 t-shirts. Congrats to OminousSimon, oMINIONo, and abbott, who managed to kick my pink-armored tush (but just barely). Some lame-o said to me "XboxLive? That’s a real original ‘tag." Another couple of morons asked "are you a girl, or a homo-y guy?" Which I don’t think is very nice. I sent bad feedback on that dude.
Check my last game. Too bad my team was USELESS!

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12 thoughts on “I kicked SO much ass!

  1. MthdDirector on said:

    Dang you must be good.xl on that "I got schooled by TriXie on Xbox Live" pls

  2. saw your stats. Extremely impressive.

  3. Nice work TriXie. Have you ever been the Mystery Gamer before and are you likely to do it again?

  4. I can’t lie. That was a good game Trixie.

  5. Unknown on said:

    I guess I can’t give you crap about not playing your Xbox enough anymore.

  6. Surly Duff on said:

    How about "I got spanked by TriXie on Xbox Live" instead of schooled?

  7. MthdDirector on said:

    spanked is good

  8. Allyn on said:

    Yes, I believe "spanking" would be popular.

  9. Rainmaker2112 on said:

    I couldn’t get into the games, but looks like I would have been owned anyhoo.How about "I got Trixie-fied on Halo2"Nice job T-to-the-R-to-the-ixie.

  10. Yeah, pretty impressive that you n00bed a bunch of noobs. Good for you.

  11. Eksir on said:

    If those were the only bad comments you heard on Live, then you were playing with a better group than most!

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