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I arrived at last. The high and low-lights thus far:
  • Sat next to a toddler on the plane. Not even my noise-cancelling headphones and the Greatest Disco Hits of the 70s could drown out his crying. Not to mention the poking and kicking. He also screamed when I wouldn’t let him play with my iPod.
  • For some reason in Texas they like to make the planes land about 50 miles from the terminal. I have no idea why. But taxiing for 30 minutes is uncool.
  • Austin is warm and delightful.
  • ONE measly Diet Coke in the minibar. Unacceptable.
  • This hotel is fancy–so fancy it’s full of OLD PEOPLE. Yikes.
  • Twin beds in my room. No, not two full-size beds, two twin I’m-a-twelve-year-old-in-an-orphanage beds. Anyone remember my first sucky room at the Mondrian for the MTV thing? It’s like that, but this time I don’t have O to get an upgrade, cuz she’s in New York.
  • Room service put a big pulsating blob of alfalfa sprouts on my salad. I DO NOT DO SPROUTS.
  • Really really looking forward to the first day of the Women’s Game Conference tomorrow!


One thought on “Ahhh Austin

  1. Surly Duff says:

    When I take the kiddies home to the bay area next year…benadryl will be very handy.

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