Come play with us in the desert!


  1. This is the real deal?! Mojave 😉 I was hoping they’d do it at the Citiwalk or Kodak theater – but hey, life is short, lets rock the desert instead!carpe diem

  2. "Playing in the sand is fun :-D"Unless the cats get into the sand first. Then it’s not so fun, is it?

  3. Trixie, you can go ahead and send me a ticket. I wont tell! :PIm wearing socks and sandels. I dont want to burn my feet up. 😀

  4. – MTV not-so-special in LA- E3 in LA- TGS in Tokyo- X05 in Amsterdam- Now a party for the West Coast gamersIs there anything for gamers on the East Coast? Oh well, I’ll have a case of Molson Ice chilled and a spot on my component rack ready when I get home at 12:15am on November 22nd with my ‘360! At least I’ll have 3 hours jump start on you west coasters.

  5. I’ll be there!! I’m flying in from Toronto. I’ll be in the states for 50 hours and plan to be awake for most of it. Thnak you Mountain dew energy 🙂 Hopefully I can meet some of you ate the event. I can’t wait.

  6. Ahh typos. I’m not going to "Ate" the event. Time for more coffee. Tim Horton’s Double Double time.

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