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Didn’t win tickets in last week’s feeding frenzy? You’re in luck–I’ve got two tickets to Xbox 360: Zero Hour for the first person that can answer this TriXie Trivia question: Who was the very first Gamer Spotlight?
Please note, you’ve gotta get yourself to Palmdale California, and both you and your guest must be over 18 years of age.
Email me at if you know the answer, are 18+, and can swing travel and lodging costs.

7 thoughts on “Last chance tix to Xbox 360: Zero Hour!

  1. Mark says:

    damn – missed this post by 45 minutes. I sent the answer anyway (fingers crossed). And yeah, I’m well over 18 and have the means to get to the party.

  2. MthdDirector says:

    It was Ken Kuratagi, of course! (okay bad joke)

  3. Christa says:

    Congrats to i was racerX! See you in the desert!

  4. Aaron says:

    with the Xbox Live Market Place ready to go , all i can say is its X-mas in November ……merry X-mas oh my ..

  5. Brad says:

    Christmas is nearly here….now all i need to do is get a life. Anyone know where you can get those? 😛

  6. MthdDirector says:

    ich habt keine idea – misplaced mine a while back

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