Paradise Under Construction

Here’s a peek at the construction zone that will become Xbox 360: Zero Hour.
I’ve got dibs on that first beanbag chair
BTW, if you won tickets to Zero Hour, you will receive your wristband in the mail today or tomorrow. THE WRISTBAND IS CRUCIAL. No amount of whining, pleading, flattery, threats or bribery will get you in the door without that wristband. I’m not even kidding.
International winners will be picking up their wristbands on site, but will be subjected to military-grade security to make sure they are really our winners. Still not kidding.
So if you’re thinking about cruising down to Palmdale and trying to sneak or sweet-talk your way in…save yourself the trouble… You’ll be able to check out all the Zero Hour action on


  1. Trixie really quick and easy question. My wife won the Zero Hour tickets but she doesnt want to go so will I as her husband be able to use her tickets and bring along a guest??

  2. As far as I know, yes. As long as you each have a wristband and photo ID (showing you are over 18)

  3. Hi TriXie. Just for clarification one more time, my dad won 2 tix to ZH, and he doesnt want to go, can my buddy and I use the tickets? And how will the buying the 360 work? Can i buy one instead of my dad even though we dont have the same name or anything? Thx!

  4. TriXie,I live in the US-Arizona and i got an e-mail saying i need to pick up my wristband on site with an ID i am not an international visitor. I’m an American Citizen,what is going on with that?Chris

  5. Chris, you’ll be fine. Just head to Palmdale and your wristband will be waiting for you. If you get in trouble just find me and I’ll kick some ass. 😉

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