GamerSpeak: The New

Here’s what you told us you think about the new and forums!


  1. Yeah I love the new site and forums, but somehow I changed my passport when I got my Xbox 360 and lost my community level, trixie icon, and all my linked posts on the forums. Anyway to get these on my new passport account?

  2. The new forums especially look a lot better, no offence to the previous style but it looked too plain.

  3. Hey Trixie, Any word on when Spaces will be updated to allow me to put all sorts of Xboxy goodness on it??Thanks!

  4. there was lipstick on that linktastic!btw, I been trolling the spaces team for the same info. Work your magic TriXie! There’s manolo’s at the end of the rainbow…or something 😉

  5. Oh man I didn’t know you could bribe Trixie for shoes!! I would have at least offered..

  6. The new xbox forums are ok, but I liked the old forum’s look, it was easy on the eyes. Just like this page, white background makes a good webpage look great because it looks clean. The new forums do take a little longer to load than the old ones as well because they didn’t have to download the gamerprofiles for each thread. The integration with Xbox Live is nice however. I still wish we could limit the HTML to mods only, PM buddy list or let you type in user names in, and better color.

  7. manolos = major weaknesson the flip side…if my wife found out? she’s pull out the 12-guage, do me in, and take the shoes. Sorry Trix

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