Happy Launch Day, Europe!

Hey all you Euro-gamers with new Xbox 360’s… drop me a friend req!

4 thoughts on “Happy Launch Day, Europe!

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  1. well whopdeedo for the poms,i have to wait for another 100 days till i get my hands on an xbox…and on top of that the ozzies are banning all games…so theres like no 50 cent, no gta, no ninja gaiden man if halo turns out to have a darker storyline im sure they’ll ban it too..-Kubes

  2. WooHoo! Launch day!Wait… What’s that Amazon.co.uk? You don’t have my 360 in stock? Oh, you don’t have ANY 360’s in stock! Even for the people that pre-ordered in August! I knew I should have pre-ordered from GAME!Sorry TriXie, while I would love to send you a FR, the powers that be are keeping my sleek new console away from me. Maybe some other time.Love your writing btw!

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