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Okay JN yelled at me for not posting all week. I’ve been a bad little TriX and I’m prepared to take my lumps. Here’s what’s what:
  • I’ve been listening to Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor non-freakin’ stop. Last weekend went dancing with O and L and discovered that shakin’ it to a great DJ is just the cure for this CRAPTASTIC weather.
  • Speaking of dancing, I’m going to see DJ AM at the Showbox next weekend. So psyched. He’s my boyfriend…he just doesn’t know it yet.
  • My Zuma mojo is WAAAY out of whack. I haven’t gotten past 12-1 the last 10 times I’ve played.
  • Great thread going on in the forums. The Xbox Live team are actually poking their heads out.
  • Note to peeps on my friends list: Please don’t leave me stalker-ish PMs and/or voice messages ie ‘why are you avoiding me?’ or ‘why won’t you add me to your Messenger list?’ It creeps me out okay? I’m sure you’ll all perfectly nice, but honestly? Stand down a little.
  • New artwork is in the works. Without revealing too much: Say bye-bye to my blue hair.
  • I don’t like the Super Bowl. There, I’ve said it. I don’t like looking at those big fat oafs. Though I did go through a brief rugby player phase in college. Nevermind.
  • Working at Xbox is like living in a frat house. The fart jokes get a little old.

8 thoughts on “Randomocity

  1. Nicholas says:

    see, this is why I don’t send you messages all the time, I don’t want to annoy you.  I figure one day we’ll both be playing the same game, then I’ll get at you.  I think you really need help with the Zuma addiction, I haven’t played in at least week.  So if you’ve beaten my high score, be scared, because I plan to play Zuma this weekend.

  2. Leave me says:

    Trixie,Seems that thread got closed, what was the subject??

  3. Patrick says:

    Good update!  And fart jokes never get old.

  4. joelle says:

    There, now I’m satisfied. Good materal for procrastinating while working on a saturday! –JN.
    PS. Rugby phase? I was there and  lived to tell about it…but I never will. xoxo 😉

  5. Brad says:

    Yeah i see how it is, dont show off your interview that you did on my MSN Space. 😦
    Just kiddin with ya,  nice update.

  6. Roland says:

    I imagine people who were creepin’ me out on my "Friends" list would stop being my "friends" pretty quickly.  I bet female gamers get harrassed a lot, but that’s just a guess.  Good luck.

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