Your Valentine’s Day Mystery Gamer

I asked my good friend Jen in PR to be the Mystery Gamer on Valentines Day. Why? ‘Cause she’s cool, and also ’cause she’s hot.
So if you’re sadly single this V-day, here’s your chance to play Perfect Dark Zero with the hottest chick at Xbox. She’ll be your Valentine…right before she beats your ass.
She’ll be playing PDZ from 3-5pm Pacific/6-8pm Eastern. Look for the gamertag XboxLive. And if any of you behave like anything less than the gentlemen I know you are deep down inside… I will personally damage you!


  1. Wow Trixie, Jen is hot, as in Joanna Dark hot!  Unfortunately, I won’t have the honor of being pwned by Jen. 😦  I have not an Xbox 360 yet, but I’m hoping soon.
    In the meantime are there any valentines for those us lacking the right equipment?  (err, that didn’t come out right)  Alas,  I’m wiped out after finishing the 27-hour Xbox Live marathon.  Sleep I must, dreaming in infrared.

  2. "Why? ‘Cause she’s cool, and also ’cause she’s hot"
    yes….yes she is.
    (thanks for the heads up Trixie, I havent taken part in a Mystery Gamer Search for sometime now, but this looks like a good a time as any to get back into it.)
    If lucky enough to game w/ her, I’ll be on my best behavior……or at least try my best (no promises….I am a guy and all).

  3. I never find the mystery gamer, I gave up a long time ago.  I
    dont’ need a mystery gamer for a valentine, I have my 360 for
    that.  I even bought it a card.

  4. I played Jen while she was the mystery gamer, I whooped her, so did everybody else, but it was a fun match though, and she was really nice.

  5. I thought it was suppost to be a mystery who the gamer was.  🙂
    but yes, Jen is Hot!  I hope she enjoyed the session.

  6. Didnt get to play, was out all night.Extend my sympathies to Jen, I can only imagine what was going on in that game’s chat.

  7. Well, Jen is one of Trixie’s friends, so I’d expect she held her own in the conversation, regardless of how it went.  Remember, if she can put up with some of the folks I’ve heard about (see forum rants…LOL) then this is nothing!
    That’s just my take, course I had a date on V-day with my trusty gal…my original gen (not Jen) Xbox and Arena League Football!  Didn’t have to buy flowers or chocolate and she kept purring most of the night. (Oops, to much info)  🙂

  8. Hey Trixie…I had the pleasure of playing Jen in that PDZ Mystery Gamer match.  That was a lot of fun.  Please pass on to Jen that it was a pleasure to play with her and she was a good sport even thou she wasn’t that good, it was nice to see that she had a good time and everyone was nice to her.  She also indicated that you were sitting right next to her….you should’ve jumped in too. That would’ve been fun.  Take Care.

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