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This isn’t the first time I’ve done a story on crazy kids who met on Xbox Live. I’m sure you all remember the Xbox Live Baby (who just had his first birthday by the way).
But this Valentine’s Day I’ve got THREE couples who met on Xbox Live and are getting married. They met in PGR2, Halo 2, and Black Arrow. Read the story here.
In honor of the month named after the februs (a leather strap that ensured a year of fertility when it whipped you), I’d also like to re-pimp my Top Ten Xbox Hotties story.
Oh, and also check out the latest Community Spotlight on Married with Children Gamers. Cool site and cool peeps.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

7 thoughts on “Love on Xbox Live

  1. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Whoever says that gaming is a waste of time doesn’t see these stories.  In fact, gaming is a good, safe way to initially see how a person is and how they act.  Congrats to all the couples!!!!!
    One last question, if they have children will they name them after their favorite Xbox character?  Couple of suggestions:
    1) Ryu
    2) Sam(uel) Fisher
    3) Jack Bauer (from new 24 game coming out)
    1) Joanna Dark
    2) Kortana
    3) Trixie
    How about folks, what are some other names?  Trixie, perhaps you should have a story on those who have named their kids or pets after gaming characters?????

  2. Christa says:

    For our Ultimate Halo Freak contest last year, one guy admitted that he named his baby daughter Cortana. Tha’s pretty hardcore.
    Congrats on Marathon number deux, Rain!

  3. Debbie says:

    Everyone from MWC Gamers are very excited about the forum’s spotlight article. Thanks for the chance of showing the work of those guys!I didn’t meet my bf via the Live, but it still started on the Internet. Love without distance barriers…*have fun and take care*  

  4. Unknown says:

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  5. Unknown says:

    I am a girl and and i met this girl and i like fell in love with her then one day i told her and she told me she felt the same way 4 sum time and we had a a point where we just ‘liked’ each other then i asked her out and she sed yeh, my mum likes her aswell cuz she has xbox live LOL and they talk to each other now and again and my mum really likes her and now he goona come see me in the summer hls im 14 and shes 17 haha

  6. barefoot says:

    i actually just met a girl a month ago on black ops that i am going to meet this week, she is 18, i am 22, but our personalities are so alike its ridiculous, and im not to fond of the girls around my area, none of them have their shit together, but this girl is in college and getting her shit done, and everything about us is so alike. i could really see me and her working out for the best.

    —ill admit i was a skeptic about meeting girls online, through dating websites and what have you. but it seems like it is more and more possible now, i mean i see people all the time who meet online now, its ridiculous, i am honestly glad to be part of the new online dating hype. :]

    1. barefoot says:

      —-also she lives in georgia, so i am taking a plane to meet her, i like in washington dc.

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