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Soooo I’m back in the nasty, gnarly, no-fun, cold and HAIL-Y Northwest. It blows. I had fun in SD. I love SD. I want to move to SD. Seriously. Any a youse guys know of a job opening in San Diego? For reals. Me likey sunshine, palm trees and surfers…
My hotel in SD was a little less fab than I was expecting, yet had a beauteous balcony. Which led me to think about all the hotels I’ve stayed in for the past 18 months or so. Which led to the following:
TriXie’s Guide to Where -and Where Not- to Stay:
Best View: Pacific Terrace- San Diego
Best Beach: Playacar Resort – Playa del Carmen
Best Bed: W – New Orleans (the one on Poydras St.)
Best Room Service: Four Seasons – Austin
Best Bathtub: The Driskill – Austin
Worst Bed: The Mondrian – Los Angeles
Worst Decor: The Clift – San Francisco (a purple and orange shoebox)
Best in-room entertainment: Tie between the Fairmont in San Jose and the Courtyard Marriot in Palmdale
Best Internet Service: The Driskill – Austin (free wireless!)
Best Decor: Tie between the Driskill in Austin and the Palace Hotel in San Francisco
Best Staff: W – New Orleans (I asked housekeeping to leave me alone because I was sick –Jagermeister sick, but they thought it was the flu– and the front desk called and offered to bring me soup or go get me aspirin. Southern hospitality, folks)
Worst Staff: The Mondrian – Los Angeles (robo-actors in kakhi)
Worst Elevators: Tie between the Mondrian and the Clift. Basically Ian Schraegar hotels blow.
Yuckiest Clientele: The Luxor – Las Vegas (old people! ew!)((not you, OGHC; you are my soul and inspiration))
Worst Food: Playacar Resort – Playa del Carmen
Best Free Toiletries: Four Seasons – Austin (ooh L’Occitane)
Best Bathrobes: W – New Orleans
Worst Minibar: Grand Hyatt – Washington D.C.
Grossest Color Scheme – Tie between the grody pink and purple exterior of the Camino Real in Tijuana and the baby poop colored walls at the Pacific Terrace in San Diego.

6 thoughts on “TriXie’s Hotel Guide

  1. Rainmaker2112 says:

    Here are mine Trixie and welcome back!!!!
    Best View: JW Desert Ridge and Spa in Phoenix.  Perfect views of swimming pool to see whether I should head out for sight seeing or not.
    Best Bed: Any Westin (Heavenly Bed is…well, heavenly)
    Best Room Service: 
    Best Bathtub: tie, The Venetian or Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas (bathroom is the size of most hotel rooms)
    Worst Bed: Super 8 truck stop (Indianapolis, IN) (during football playoffs and rooms were booked solid and had to make an emergency stop.  Clue to surroundings…there was one building nearby called "The Classy Chassis" and the women there looked like they were mechanics during the daytime and were trying to not fall over on their platform shoes)
    Worst Decor:  not a good judge of this
    Best in-room entertainment:  Westin Bohemian in Orlando.  Bose Wave radio w/CD player, Westin Jazz CD, great satellite TV, great selection of movies, easy hookup for my Xbox)
    Best Internet Service: anywhere that h as free wireless internet
    Best Decor: Westin Grand Bohemian in Orlando, FL.  (saw Shaq & Kobe when they were with the Lakers and all the Chicago Bulls minus Michael Jordan, not to mention that Styx was doing a reunion tour and stayed there while we were there)  One floor was nothing but traveling art exhibits that were free to browse)
    Best Staff:  The Westin Resort and Spa in Whistler, British Columbia
    Worst Staff:  Fairfield Inn, Scottsdale, AZ 
    Worst Elevators:  (New York, New York in Las Vegas)  Not sure if it was the urine or puke smell from the party scene, but I took the stairs up seven floors everyday just to stay out of them)
    Yuckiest Clientele: Best Western in Las Vegas (last minute trip to Comdex when hotels were booked.  Looked like a police station waiting area)
    Worst Food:  Circus Circus in Las Vegas.  Powder eggs and watery eggs.
    Best Free Toiletries: Mandalay Bay (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sea salt bath stuff, etc.  Gave these out as gifts for about three years solid and the ladies swooned)
    Best Bathrobes: Westin Bohemian (thick Egyptian cotton that you didn’t even towel off after a shower…you simply put on the robe)
    Worst Minibar: Sheraton – Eatontown, NJ

  2. MthdDirector says:

    Yeah, I’m a closet fan of L’Occitane.  The verbana conditioner is off the hook mad cool.
    Best minibar: suite at four seasons LV – about $400 worth of booze!  Sadly, I didn’t have a drop 😦

  3. GreenLantern4 says:

    You need to visit Hawaii.  You do not realize how beautiful it is until you are actually there.  I could not believe how many rainbows I saw.  I could feel my blood pressure dropping the whole time that I was there.  I was ready to move there until I found out the average cost of a half-acre ‘lot’ is around $650,000. 

  4. Ak47 says:

    I went to Maui last March, but stayed in a condo, so I didn’t include that in my hotel list. Definitely my favorite place EVER!

  5. James says:

    Bored at work, so looking at past posts, lol.  I don’t know if you know this, Trixie, but the Driskill in Austin is haunted also!  Look me up as your Austin tour guide next time you come to town!

  6. Christa says:

    I know it’s haunted! A jilted bride, I think! She only haunts men though…I got no ghostly visitation.
    Next time I’m in Austin, I will definitely commission you as my guide 🙂

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