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I’m heading to San Diego tomorrow morning where I will be chillin’ with Su Lin and Shamu. (The baby panda at the San Diego Zoo and the big ass killer whale at SeaWorld.) I had planned to hang out by the pool, but the weather has decided to suck just for me.
San Diego’s whole schtick is that you can always depend on the weather…yeah right. Still, 58 degrees will feel nicer than 28. I won’t be getting a tan though
I’ll be back in Redmond on Thursday. Behave yourself while I’m gone, and stay out of the cookie jar.

10 thoughts on “Off on vacation

  1. ROB says:

    I wish I could complain about 28 degree weather…its 16 here (feels like is -2). I heard Wyoming is VERY COLD.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Panda’s are sweet, we got some out here.

  3. Noah says:

    Cant blame you, this weather sucks. what little sun we get doesnt really matter since its so unbelieveably cold outside.
    Have fun TriXie, travel safe. (get some pictures!!!)

  4. Agustin Cervantes says:

    have a nice trip! enjoy!!

  5. DirtyDiva says:

    Arrrghh! No fair! I wanna see all the animals…So addicted to Zoo Tycoon right now haha

    Have fun!

  6. Ashley says:

    Hey Trixie, hope you had a nice time.

  7. MthdDirector says:

    yeah can you believe it: we had a "frost alert" in LA the other night – that’s when the temperature gets…. below zero
    "danger frost alert"
    Just out of spite I’m still wearing t-shirts. 
    Hope you had a great time in S.D. – did you have a fish/shrimp boat at Anthonys?  Their tuna salad rocks btw.  Hope it wasn’t too cold down there – I have no idea where this crazy weather came from.

  8. Eugene L says:

    Be sure to wish Su Lin and Shamu well from the Xbox Community (I would hope they would think the same). I really do love pandas!

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