World Cyber Games comes to Seattle

Oh yeah! The WCG finals will be in my backyard come 2007! From the press release:

“Hosting the World Cyber Games in Seattle is a fitting tribute to our thriving video game industry, which has over fifty game development companies in the Puget Sound area,” said Mayor Greg Nickels. “We welcome the opportunity to host participants from around the world and show them our Seattle hospitality.”


Renowned for its youth oriented culture, technology leadership, and for being a window onto the Pacific Rim, Seattle will be only the second US city to host the WCG Grand Final. San Francisco hosted the event in 2004, the first time the final was held outside of Korea.


I was there in 2004. That was when I stayed in the asstastic Clift hotel. Refresh your ganglia with my Special Report from the World Cyber Games.


This year’s grand finals will be in Italy. Don’t you think I should cover the games for Send an email to, subject: Send TriXie to Italy!


  1. Being from the UK, we get hardly anything at all in the games world.  Hence me learning Japanese and aiming to live in the land of gaming.  😀
    Last year they cancelled Game Stars stuffing my holiday in London up.  The year before they made the PlayStation Experience rubbish by putting it at a theme park where nobody cared and cost something like £40 just to get in.
    The US and Japan are so lucky when it comes to games.  Europe, especially the UK, isn’t too hot.  Even release dates are behind you guys.
    Nice space anyways, very well written.  🙂

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