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Just had a chance to mosey over with my camera and take a few shots of William Beckett and Adam Siska playing Project Gotham Racing 2 in one of today’s Game with Fame events. They’re in town for a concert tonight and came over to Xbox HQ. I saved the day (kinda) by pointing the limo driver to the correct building. Which didn’t quite make up for my posting the wrong game in the Xbox Dashboard message. Bad TriX.
The guys were having a great time playing, but William was having trouble convincing one of our Xbox Live members that he really is in a band. He really is. Trust me.
The guys were nice, check out the pics.

4 thoughts on “The Academy Is…. in the house!

  1. GreenLantern4 says:

    Cool! Thanks for posting the nice pics and  ‘saving the day’.

  2. emily says:

    Oh man, where was I when this happened?? I would have been happy to drool over this.

  3. Christa says:

    Aw, Em! If I’d known you liked them I would’ve brought you with me… You could’ve been my photographer! 😦

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