New Players art!

I hinted at this previously, but now it’s official we have new art for TriXie, Major Nelson, Hardcore and Elle on! This project involved a fairly embarassing photo shoot and weeks and weeks of hard work by our uber-talented art team.
Check it out and let me know what you think! It’s nice to be a brunette again…no longer will people meet me and say, "I thought you’d have blue hair!"


  1. that is a quite good rendition of, um, you.  much better than the old stuff.  major looks, um, how can i put this?  I’ll say it–like he has to fart. 
    i’ve been curious–are all of the "personalities" employees or just random joes?  obviously you and major are, but not sure on the other folks.

  2. LOL Mike. Maj should just let ‘er rip.
    Yes, all of us are employees. No Joes, random or otherwise 😉

  3. that looks great…i was gonna comment on it earlier but you hadnt yet posted about it…i like the vector/photo feel it has to it

  4. I like the new artistic look of everyone’s page.  I would think thou that you would be sporting some funky looking shoes, but hey…can’t go wrong with stylish boots.  I think this new look makes you look hotter than the old one.  Good move.
    – Cohiba

  5. It looks cool, I kinda like your old art better.  The old Trixie
    art said "what’s up, I can kick your butt",  the new art says "hey

  6. one other question–do you know what tech they used on this?  Is it just a "photoshopped" JPG or are from the ground up artist rendition?  I’m curious as, after meeting both you and major at E3 last year, the likeness is amazing.

  7. Mike, the artists took photos and then made them super dark and high contrast in PhotoShop. Then printed them out and did line drawings by hand on tracing paper, which they scanned and then put it back in Photoshop and added layers of color. That’s the simplified version, anyway. Don’t they do great work?!

  8. They look great, but I have to agree with another poster. I grew fond of the old artwork look of you and Major Nelson.

  9. I liked my version better! 😉

    I just read your "how’d they do that" post here and I gotta say, they took the long way ’round. I could acchieve the same effect in about 30 mins. Not bragging just a little dissappointed to know the art team there doesn’t know how to use the software.
    Okay I guess I’m just bitter.

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