Grrrr from GDC

I couldn’t get into my freaking hotel room until 4pm! That angers me!
But it turns out to be a nice room, so…I may rethink my letter-writing campaign to the San Jose Tourism Board.
Just a few things to point out so far:
  • I had to sit next to a stinky dude on the plane. They served dog biscuits in lieu of breakfast. Very crunchy.
  • There are approximately 25 women here. Out of 12,000 attendees.
  • I am drowning in geekdom.
  • The two award ceremonies tonight (Game Developer Choice Awards and Independent Game Festival Awards) are both scheduled for 6:30. That’s brilliant. How am I supposed to be in two places at once? Oh I know, I can send my Evil Twin, Frankentrix. Check her out in my report from GDC here.
  • The bathroom door in my room slides. I don’t know why. I have determined that in the future all doors will be sliding doors. Also in the future there will be no fat people (sorry, overweight-americans). There will be no fat people because everyone has to wear skin tight silvery uniforms in the future.
  • The following debate came up today at GDC. Who is more heinous: Scrappy Doo or Snarf from the Thundercats?


  1. Yes, very few women…but count how many J lookalikes there are!  Last year there were like 25! 
    Then I was sitting in the MS lobby and guess who comes out 😉 he looks at me like "are you the next meeting?"  Talk about a missed opportunity haha
    (Actually I was waiting for the real man in charge – Major Nelson.  But don’t tell him that, he might get a big head 🙂

  2. Sticky dude?  You said I smelled nice! That it was that….’natural’ smell. 
    Seriously, though….I hope things go more your way tonight and the next few days.

  3. Seriously dude, she said stinky, not sticky. I’m sure she’d be MUCH more upset if *you* were sticky. HAHAHAHA

  4. I had a bad subway experience with a ‘sticky dude’. You prolly know what I’m talkin’ about Diva. Yucko.

  5. lol…my mind said stinky, but my hands typed sticky.  That’s what happens when you do a quick posting without proof-reading. However, I am glad to see you pay close attention to the postings and have your red ink pen ready.

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