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The “Other” Party

Slipped into the competiition’s party with 4 of my fave PMS clan girls. Where have I see the white dome tents before? Hmmm? Oh yeah, it was the Xbox E3 press briefing last year and then again at Zero Hour. Guess they got a good deal on those sloppy seconds.
The band was sort of like Crystal Method–but lighter. Crystal Lite. It was bad. And people were dancing who have no business doing so. The turnout was sparse and they’d already run out of vodka by the time I got there. Was it the same donkey vodka they served at their E3 party last year? Don’t know because I didn’t get any!
The partygoers? Besides a contingent of Xboxer doing recon there were boys, boys, boys. All of whom had to fly by and staredown into Tart’s cleavage. Oh well, can’t blame ’em!
Oh, and why am I awake right now? Some as*hole from Atari drunk text messaged me at 3:30am and I can’t get back to sleep!

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17 thoughts on “The “Other” Party

  1. Nicholas on said:

    that sucks about not sleep, but I liked reading that.  i can
    always count on you to give a pretty impression of these things

  2. Tyler on said:

    There’s got to be a great term we can come up with for drunk text messaging … Drexting? DTM? Trunking? Hmmm …
    "TriXie’s blissful slumber was rudely interrupted by yet another DTM from the Atari stalker boy."
    "TriXie sank into well-earned sleep only to be awoken by Atari stalker boy’s incessant drexting."
    "TriXie had just drifted off when an annoying beep startled her awake–Atari stalker boy was back to his old trunking tricks."
    Okay, you decide.

  3. Nicholas on said:

    how many words did I leave out of that?  I guess I think faster than i type

  4. You are living large! Great stuff!

  5. Chris on said:

    Sucks to hear they ran out of the donkey vodka.  Althoughif it is that bad you might be better off to  bring a flask of the good stuff.
    Pictures look great!
    Thank you!

  6. Unknown on said:

    I want some drunk bastages from Atari to text me (females of course) ;-). Sounds like you had a blast…. good deal!

  7. Nice pics, Nice story, thanks for the read!

  8. Barton on said:

    Too funny. LOLSo to sum up on the highlights:1) Sloppy seconds2) Vodka3) Cleavage4) Drunk text messagingWhat more could one possibly ask for!? hehe

  9. Jabbertrack on said:


  10. Robert on said:

    Drunkin 3am messages……gotta love em.
    btw-what was the message.

  11. Allen on said:

    "It was bad. And people were dancing who have no business doing so."Why hate on the people trying to enjoy themselves? 😦

  12. Christa on said:

    TruRAV3N, I can’t write exactly what the drunk text said, but I’ll paraphrase: Mr Atari has a pet rooster that he wanted me to vacuum for him.  Ya get me?

  13. vacuuming a pet rooster? hehehe, never heard it put that way before. Good one!

  14. MthdDirector on said:

    yeah that was the big party all right…nothin’ going on tonight tho, deader than a door nail, right?  Or maybe not!  Give us all the dirt Trix, not just part of it!

  15. MthdDirector on said:

    oh wait it’s Friday already, never mind.  I guess nothin happened last night 😦

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