Ping Pongin’ like a Rockstar

Today I had the chance to play Rockstar’s Table Tennis game. And let me tell you, it is fuu-un! For anyone that says Rockstar can’t make beautiful games, wait’ll you get a load of the 30,000 polygon characters, and the wooden floors with reflection and scuff marks. The cloth animation is freaking amazing, and zooming in on character faces reveals every pore, and the actual table reflected in their eyeballs.
I am SO getting this game when it comes out after E3. At 39.95, I may pick up two copies just so I can make my friends play with me. When this sucker hits Xbox Live–I will be owning!

9 thoughts on “Ping Pongin’ like a Rockstar

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  1. I wonder if they will have like ESPN Broadcasters doing the play-by-play.
    "And he does a back hand triple twist for the ace! What a MOVE!"

  2. You’re on, Trix…  HuRt MoTor will be kicking Pong Ass.  Wait, that didn’t sound right.  Maybe table tennis butt?  Oh whatever. 
    Little paddles were never coolerer.

  3. I will definately get this, but I’m hoping for two versions; E and M.  Come on, how could would it be to have a sort of "Dead or Alive PingPong?"
    The pix look very cool and while I’m not a tennis player I do love playing it on the table.

  4. Feelz, it will be live. The Rockstar guys told me there will be cool tourney brackets as well! Prepare to be pinged and ponged!

  5. Ill take ya on Trix…my experience with the game may have been shorter than yours (a mere 5-10 mins)…but, what can ya say.

  6. Let me pick my ‘custom’ ping-pong ball design and you will feel the wrath of the Pong master!  You just hope and pray they do not come out with bumper pool.

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