Xbox Party rocked!

Sorry guys, I have no pictures to share… they are all way too incriminating.
This may be incoherent, as I am rather incoherent right now. I’ve had a total of 10 hours of sleep in the last three days. Sooo… there were a plethora of parties last night. First a Women in Gaming thing. I went with my PMS Clan beeyotches. They taught some of the non-gamer girls to play Halo 2. PMS Tart kept killing PMS Fedaykin and corpse-humping her while chortling in an very evil way.
Then me, Athena Twin, Tart, Fedaykin, Batgirl and Venus checked out some other parties during "suite night" where all the companies have receptions in the many little rooms at the Fairmont Hotel. There was some drinking going on.
The PMS girls practically got on their knees and bowed down to the Bungie guys–then tried to steal their jackets. Progress going anywhere was slow because everyone has to stop and get their pic taken with the girls.
We dispersed back to our various hotels to get dressed forthe Xbox party at Scores Bar and Grill. Having been completely outdone by the ladies the night before at the Sony party (see pics) I had to up the hoochie factor just a bit. Okay more than a bit.
The Xbox party was rockin’. It was packed all night, had great food and an awesome band called Afrodesia. They kicked ass.
I introduced the girls to the Microsoft big dogs and game publishers. I got some props for bringing along hot chicks. The ratio of men to women at these events is so crazy. It’s probably 25 or 30 to 1. It makes the boys fluff up their feathers and try to be impressive.
By the end of the evening the girls and I had been thoroughly groped by usually well-behaved boys. We left the Xbox party and went to the Lobby Bar in the Fairmont, where EVERYONE hangs out at GDC. It was a little sad, because this was the last GDC in San Jose (it’ll be in San Francisco from 2007-2013) so no more Fairmont Bar.
For some reason I ended up kissing Athena Twin a couple of times. No tongue, though–don’t get excited. This is rather odd because some of you may recall the time I accidentally felt up her twin sister Athena at PAX last year. I don’t know what it is about those Texas Twins…
Anyway, I am freaking exhausted. Our party was SOOO fun! Thanks to the PMS girls for coming with, and thanks to Erin from GTG who put it all together. And thanks to all those bad boys who kept things interesting.


  1. Hahaha, I’m loving your blog! What a hoot! Much love to the bad boys! ROFL, they’d better keep in touch! You’re pretty much teh coolest ever and we all love you soooo much!!!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. YAY TRIXIE!!!! It was GREAT to meet you – next time try to edit the drunk Batgirl pictures out. ;D
    Yay for Trix!!

  3. Note to self:
    Goal of the week is to get incriminating pictures of Trixie and other Xbox team members and use them as blackmail.

  4. The things you do for the business, you are working way too hard. I hope Bill appreciates you like all of us do.

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