What’s the big whoop with bad words?

Just read this article on CNN.com. The headline was Who gives a @#$% about profanity?
Well, apparently a lot of people give a you-know-what…and it ain’t just your grandma. (Not you OGHC, you are the Matriarch of Cuss Words, and I worship the Lay Z Boy you sit on.)
People admit to mild cursing a few times a month, but only busting out the F-word under extreme duress.
Please. They’re just WORDS. The f-word, the s-word…whoop-de-do! I admit the c-word makes me flinch, but I have used it myself a few times in my life.
You know what words are actually bad? The racist ones. And on the rare occasions I hear them I’m always shocked and I always gasp and say "Don’t say that! What are you some kinda s-eating, a-hole, f-tard?"


  1. Only busting out the F-word under extreme duress?  Someone’s feeding that reporter a line of s***, what a dumb f***!  😉

  2. I disagree. While I will admit I use them myself, the reason why there is a distinction with these words is because they carry more emotional and psychological power than other words do–that is why there is such a thing as racist words; they have that kind of power too. That is why I teach my eight-year-old and my nine-year-old that it is not okay to use them. I am not saying no one should use them at all, but I am saying that when you use them, you should at least acknowledge that you are wielding words that have power. Otherwise, everyone would be truly offended when I say, "Golly, I wish these gosh-darned people would stop using these freaking words."

  3. I am not at all saying that everyone should adhere to this but as Christians we should definitely watch our words.

  4. There’s a time and a place for everything…as well as the company you keep.  What I say and how I say things around friends is and should be different than when around others…be it while gaming, driving (lots and lots of cursing there), or at work.  But as for what everyone else says?  I could really care less, as long as the intent is not malicious.  Some people are too easily offended.

  5. gee wiz, rats, criminy, whoopie doo…  I don’t give a honking turd! (for the record)

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