More Goodness for the Free Live Weekend

Heads up! We’ve added three more programs to the Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend sponsored by Verizon.
1. Game with Fame: The Roots. Take on Kamal from the Roots in NBA2K6 on Friday. He’ll start at noon Pacific, three Eastern. Gamertag is RootsGWF. Details.
2. Beat Ubisoft. We’ve got two different teams who worked on Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Take on the devs on Friday and the marketing guys on Sunday. I’d like to see devs vs marketing, actually. The joke is that marketing guys are the ones who have time to practice because the devs are busy making the game. Times and ‘tags here.
3. Beat the Xbox Team. Take on GreenJohnny, Striker and Bastelyon in three games on three days. Beat ’em and win a t-shirt that says "I pwn3d someone at Xbox" Check out games and times here.
Xbox Ambassador update
Of course you know about the Xbox Ambassador program. I got a MASSIVE number of eager volunteers, which was thrilling and a little overwhelming. I had to pick about 270 for this weekend simply because I didn’t have time to choose more. Some important things to note:
a. If you sent me an email about being an Ambassador, you WILL hear back from me in the next couple of weeks.
b. If you didn’t get an email from me saying you’re in for this weekend that does NOT mean you are not wanted! I just couldn’t deploy all of you in such a short timeframe.
c. The Ambassador program will last beyond the free weekend so hang in there. There will be more opportunities.
d. If you serve as an Ambassador this weekend that does not mean you’re done. You’re still in the program for future events as long as you’re interested, have an Xbox Live account, and don’t do something stupid to get booted.
e. I will be posting the list of the first round of Xbox Ambassadors tomorrow at approximately noon Pacific.


  1. Oh no, I knew it!  My comment on the bad words blog made TriXie pull my Xbox Ambassador credentials!  Oh, the humanity!  😉

  2. Thanks for the info, Trixie! :)I have already organized a sort of "personal schedule" just to keep a minimum amount of hours online with the games I have.Well, thanks a lot for the opportunity and I do hope that we will be able to support a lot of people, and who knows, bring them to Gold so that we play together more times. ;)*have fun*

  3. OOOHHHH!  Something stupid to get booted?!?!!?  Examples please!  🙂
    Thanks for the inclusion–it’ll give me something to do since I’m unemployed as of 4.21.6

  4. Looks like Major Nelson and the gang switched on the free Gold last night, and the Verizon marketplace points were snatched up before anyone even knew about it!

  5. I don’t know how well this thing’s gonna work out, but I guess I’ll
    find out.  Either way it’ll be fun.  I’ll either play with
    some new people and have a good time, or I’ll just be playing my 360
    for like 20 hours this weekend.

  6. Thanks for choosing me to be an Ambassador!  It’s sweet.  I had the whole weekend off because I’m going to a Mudvayne/KoRn concert tonight, but I got sick a couple days ago and have been playing Xbox 360 non-stop if I’m not sleeping.  I definitely have a good amount of hours on Xbox 360 this weekend (Like 50+).  Hopefully I can still go to the concert tonight though. 😦

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