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I was messing around in the basement at Xbox yesterday (don’t ask), when I found a box containing the LAST of the original Xbox controllers, also known as the Duke, or ‘fatty’.
You can’t buy these in stores, as they were replaced by the smaller Controller S back in the fall of 2003.
I’ll send one to you if you tell me why you love the Duke and deserve the Duke.
Send me an email at subject: "I want that Duke!"

9 thoughts on “The Last of the Dukes!

  1. GreenLantern4 says:

    Wow.  I know there are many Xbox fans on the forums that love the Duke and have been looking for one.  I’ll post this info in the Xbox forums and point them in your direction.

  2. Chris says:

    I have 4 that I do not use since I have purchased my 360.

  3. Nicholas says:

    no offense, but the duke kinda sucks, it’s the main reason why it took
    me so long to want an xbox.  once I saw the s controller I was
    like ok I’ll get one.  i see used ones at eb games all the time

  4. Agustin Cervantes says:

    The Duke is one of the best and comfortable controller i ever had, i love it, maybe can seem to big, but fits very well in my hands, and the design, honestly is one of the best, that big jewel tells the world "i’m totally XBOX!"At this point in my life i don’t understand why people don’t like the duke.

  5. Christopher T. says:

    To this day I can’t play Halo or Halo 2 without using the Duke. I’ve tried with the S Controller and the 360 controller, but they both suck. So whenever I need to get my Halo on, I need to hook up my old Xbox and get my trusty Duke out.

  6. playgames1970 says:

    I am on the 360 most of the time nowadays, but any original Xbox games I need the Duke for, especially Crimson Skies, where my fingers are completely trained to go to just the right place with no thought at all involved.  I still have one Duke in its original packaging I have not opened…I’m on my second one as we speak.

  7. Ed says:

    Any word on when people will find out if they got one?

  8. Ed says:

    Awesome, I can’t believe that I’m on I didn’t even notice until a friend of mine pointed it out. I had no idea that you were going to be posting the winning emails on I was thrilled to see it there though. Do you need any more info from me so you can send me one of the dukes, or can you get all that info from Xbox Live?

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