Xbox Expo Sweeps Winner is…. Blazah!

Congratulations to Sarah Blazah Vatista from Rochester, New Hampshire. She won the Xbox Expo Sweepstakes.
I just talked to Sarah on the phone and she is VERY excited. She’s been playing a lot of Quake 4, and can’t wait for  the new Final Fantasy.
Sarah told me "I always watch E3 on G4, but this year I’ll be there!"


  1. Congrats Sarah!! You are gonna have a blast!!
    Last year was fun (The Xbox Community party was a highlight for me!!)..I’m gonna miss going to E3 this year =(

  2. I’m going to be there this year. I think this year is going to be one to keep an eye on. Lots of things going on.

  3. Congrats! Have fun! Take lots of pics there and bring some Xbox goods back to the little people!

  4. One thing blew me away last year…when I discovered the E3 that G4 covers  wasn’t the E3 that I saw.
    They kinda do their own thing, and it will be interesting if they direct the same level of skepticism at Sony that they did to Xbox last year.
    But see you won’t have to watch it now, which is the coolest part!

  5. Congrats Sarah!!  You will have a phenomenal time!
    Hint:  You can earn an extra 200 bucks by hooking Trixie up with any MP (army guy) walking around.  🙂

  6. C3@E3 was a blast last year. Any word yet on there being another community party this year and if so how do we get invited back?
    Congrats Blazah!! See you there. 

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