We’re nominated for a Webby!

Soooo cool! We’re all running around the halls and jumping around (okay, it’s just me jumping). We were nominated for a Webby in the Community category!
Yay! Faithful readers, I hope you will go and vote for us for the People’s Voice. Go Vote!


  1. Congrats, but sadly I never heard of the ‘Webby’ till now.  The Xbox team did a great job on the new Xbox forums and how it interacts with Xbox Live.  You have my vote for sure.

  2. I just voted,  xbox.com is in the lead right now.  It’s kinda
    hard to go up against the march of dimes though, they’re right behind
    by 1% of the votes

  3. Yeah true. But you know you’re voting for the site, not the cause. I’m not sure how I’d feel about beating the dead soldiers either… but I still wanna WIN!

  4. Hey, Xbox fans need to turn out…
    After I voted it was like this: (April 17 5 pm EDT)

    BBC Cumbria website/Digital Lives 9%
    In Remembrance 15%
    March of Dimes Share: 19%
    TripAdvisor 37%
    Xbox.com 17%
    I mean, sure, March of Dimes is awesome for what they do, but TripAdvisor? 
    And why are these 5 VERY different sites in the same category?? 
    Good luck Xbox.com keep up the great work even if you don’t win a Webby 🙂

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