Happy Birthday Bard..and other randomness

If Shakespeare was alive today he’d be 442 years old. That’s a lot of candles to blow out.
In other weekend news, I’ve been hearing great feedback on the Rihanna Game with Fame yesterday. Apparently she was super fun to play with and answered fans’ questions and was just a sweetheart.
I spent yesterday with O, who moves to New York next week. We had crepes at 611, then I read Maxim (and ostensibly kept her company) while she packed boxes. Then we hit Linda’s Tavern for beer and nachos.
Then I went back to the office for six hours or so of Xbox Ambassador work. The count is now at 627. I wish there were some easy way to suck all the info I need out of emails and have it end up in a nice neat spreadsheet. But for now the process is me cutting and pasting for hours on end. My shoulder actually hurts! Still it’s all goodness, as I’ve now got Ambassadors in a bunch of new places and who speak languages such as Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Farsi, and Haitian Creole. Me and my sore shoulder are very excited about it.
I"m reading Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore and it is AMAZING. Everyone should read it. I mean it. It’s brilliant. Another awesome book I read recently was Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go… it’s about a special boarding school for clones and poses the interesting question: why bother to educate and nurture children whose sole purpose is to grow up and become spare parts?

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bard..and other randomness

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  1. They should have made a simple online form for all of us wanna-be-ambassadors maybe?
    Give your shoulder some peace! Well.. After you’ve reviewed my email of course 😛

  2. 442 candles!! I will probably feel dizzy due to lack of oxygen in the room…..<pass out> zzz..zzz…….

  3. Well you have to know an ambassador website is inevitable, an actually
    may be in the works right now.  If no one does it maybe I will,
    but I know there’s been talk of it, and that could your job much easier.

  4. Going through a bunch of unformatted email doesn’t sound fun at all.

    They could have made an online form and then kept the results in a database. At that time you could do an export into a spread sheet or just kept all the information online and had the info everywhere you went. Not to mention, could of just used the online information to do all the work. Mark who was excepted, who was denied, leave comments as to why they were excepted and denied, etc.

  5. lol……Hire me and I’ll write a program to handle the Xbox Ambassador dirty work.  However, I agree with the others…..you need a website interface for getting the related info from members and put it in a spreadsheet.  It shouldn’t take long to impliment and would make your life easier. Shoot you could even take it futher by making a little program with a GUI interface to make your interacting, navigating, and editing of the data in the Ambassador spreadsheet simplier.

  6. Lobby for building it into the Xbox Live Forum management. Then just get GreenLantern4 to search out the funding and give him a job. 😉

  7. lol…thanks for the push.  Actually, I would do it for free just for fun if Trixie gives me the details and lets me know how far in features she wants to go with it. …..However, I’m sure the Microsoft HR would see an organizational conflict.

  8. That sounds like a blast TriXie….put some icy hot on your shoulder and you’ll be fine in no time. Maybe you need to stretch before you do all that cutting and pasting. Its almost like an exercise!

  9. Oh god! Don’t mention Email to spreadsheeting. I deal with that on a far too familiar basis! Theres nothing like the tiedious task of copying info from an email to a spreadsheet.It helps if you use two monitors, or at least a nice wide view one, saves time from the re-adjusting of windows. I feel for you, really, I do.

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