Hey Speed Racer! You’re gonna miss Italy!

Attention PGR3 racers!
We have a list of MANY people who are high enough on the PGR 3 leaderboards to qualify for the semi-finals of the PGR 3 Global Tournament… but haven’t registered! This is particulary tragic because the FINALS of this bad boy will happen at the Lamborghini factory in Italy!
If you haven’t registered, you still have time (a little). Registration ends at 11:59pm Pacific TOMORROW. So get on it, Speedy and you could race your way to Italy.

7 thoughts on “Hey Speed Racer! You’re gonna miss Italy!

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  1. haha, I’m more than racing challenged.  Me in a racing game is worse that stevie wonder drunk behind the wheel.

  2. I’ve got so much going on in my life right now.. but I think my next Xbox accessory purchase will be a steering wheel. Maybe in June. I really’d like to find one that matches the GT3 one I had for the PS2. My Xbox one had vibration, but not that same sense of push feedback where you’re fighting the wheel. Gotta find that.

  3. I tried for about 2 hours to meet the first min. time that was 54 seconds. The lowest I could get was 56 seconds without pulling my hair out. 🙂 Italy will have to wait for me.

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