The Official Bloggers

Congrats to the following Xbox Live members who will be blogging E3 on their MSN Spaces. A couple are frequent commenters on this blog, so tell them congrats! Not only do they get a link on, they also get access to the Xbox Blogger Bus! Cant wait to kick back in that baby. I wanted to drive it down the coast and take some of the PMS girlies with me, but the powers that be apparently thought that was a recipe for disaster. Come on, Uncle Bill can spare some bail money!
Here are the official E3 bloggers:


  1. Can’t wait to be out there. Sure is turning out to be the E3 of all E3’s…..but that’s what is said every year. Lol, sure is going to be fun to be on that bus. See everyone there!

    K Rock XP

  2. I really like that Fourzerotwo bloke, good guy, and good looking I hear! ;)But seriously, can’t wait to meet all of you, say hey, plan a future E3 Blogger reunion / dodgeball game. See you on the bus!

  3. Trixie, the links in the list aren’t working properly. I was trying to grab the bloggers URLs for my list, but several link to the same spot.

  4. Hey guys, hey Trix! This is going to be so frickin awesome! Thanks for the reassuring comment you left on my blog Trix! 😉 *hugs* Ok guys I’ll see you there!

  5. You got it, Kusinagi.
    Hazumi, I know the links are f’d up. I keep trying to fix it but it messes up again!!! grrr

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