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I just spent twelve hours watching the first season of Deadwood. Why didn’t anyone tip me off about this show? I love it! And of course I love that the very best whore at the Gem Saloon is named Trixie.
I love Al Swearengen. His mouth is filthier than mine. Plus I always enjoy a lovable –or at least fascinating– bad guy. Hannibal Lector was another one. But I didn’t have a crush on him.

5 thoughts on “Another Trixie

  1. ROBERT says:

    Theres nothing to be more proud of than sharing the nickname of old west whores and modern day strippers. You’re my role model.

    All I’m mistaken for is 420. 😦 My name is shared by no one of the filthy breed.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Trixie–
    Delete my last comment pretty please…Just noticed some "objectionable" ads on the linked site.  My bad.

  3. Chris says:

    Deadwood is a great show.  I think my favorite line from Trixie on the show is when she is discussing how to pay for the accounting lessons she receives and she says that she can pay with c***.  Very funny and good show.

  4. Ho-Hsing says:

    That’s what you were watching. It always said that you are watching a movie on my Xbox 360. Good show, but difficult for me to understand.

  5. Brad says:

    We had to laugh when we saw your post about Trixie. Since we are about the biggest fans of ‘Deadwood’ that you will find we can only agree. Heck, we even visit the actual town about three times a year now. It isn’t far from its frontier heritage in some ways; it only has a population of about 1800 but it has 84 casinos. The last bordello, "Pam’s Purple Door", got raided by the Feds and closed in 1980 but you can still see it on the main drag in Deadwood. They have mannequins in lingerie posed in the windows with a small sign saying, "back in ten minutes"…

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