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E3 Week – Day One

Some observations from my fiirst day at E3
  • $599? WTF?
  • The ONE TIME I leave my noise-cancelling headphones behind I sit right over the freakin’ jet engine. Owie!
  • Broke the baby curse. For the first time in 7 or 8 flights, I had no crying infant noise. Or maybe the jet engine just drowned it out.
  • Due to someone with a militaryesque gamertag who neglected to renew his driver’s license and who shall remain nameless… I had to rent a freaking GOLD MINIVAN and DRIVE to my hotel. Me no likey!
  • Elle and I knew we’d be rooming together… but didn’t know we’d be sharing a King sized bed. If she tries to spoon me, she will find herself minus some blue hair.
  • Dinner at Ciao. My risotto was late. I only at half and the lady asked if i wanted it wrapped up. I’m sorry, I’m in a hotel… it’s not that it wasn’t tasty!
  • Drinks on the roof of the Standard. So much for a sober E3! Standard staff said Eva Longoria was there last night. I’m sorry I missed her. She’s even shorter than me so I would’ve felt big!
  • Our E3 video crew rocks. Anyone who puts my Red Bull and Vanilla Stoli on his tab is A-OK by me.
  • Big excitement tomorrow from Xbox. I gotta have my ass in the lobby by 7:30am. Yucky.

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15 thoughts on “E3 Week – Day One

  1. Debbie on said:

    Sweet!!!I feel there with your posting. :-PBut the baby thing sucks! Once I went from Amsterdam to Atlanta with 5 families, each with 3 kids (including a baby each) and it was hell!!!!I’m glad you could have some rest this time.*cheers*

  2. Chloe on said:

    Trust me Trixie, Diva is going to be feeling the pain tomorrow morning…..Phewwwww, we learned a lot about Chocobutt tonight…You should have SEEN Tony’s face at times!! You totally missed out, but would have felt SO at home, I just know it…

  3. Ben on said:

    Good to hear.  Do well today, and hope you guys capitalize on Sony’s lackluster conference.

  4. Fenyx on said:

    Elle and I knew we’d be rooming together… but didn’t know we’d be sharing a King sized bed.
    Eva Longoria
    And I thought I wanted to go to E3 badly before….heh.

  5. Agustin Cervantes on said:

    ". If she tries to spoon me, she will find herself minus some blue hair."ok, now that sounds very cool

  6. Nicholas on said:

    You know how ridiculous it is that Paris Hilton gets to go to E3 and
    someone like me doesn’t?  I get so jealous this time of year but
    I’ll hold it back, because all of you there get mad love from me
    anyways.  Hope you have fun, watch out for Elle in bed.

  7. GreenLantern4 on said:

    What?  What did Trixie say? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch anything after the ‘spooning’ comment.

  8. Joe on said:

    same bed as elle? the xbox team is really tight! a king size is pretty big though, I wonder who is going to be the lucky third person in there.

  9. Allyn on said:

    7:30am – that’s just nasty.
    (And sorry, my timing was pretty crap).

  10. Chris on said:

    Just saw the Halo 3 trailer.  Looks KILLER!!  Can’t wait to leave work in 20 min and download to my 360!

  11. Mike on said:

    If you get a chance, "procure" me some freebies!!!!

  12. Nicholas on said:

    When you run into Sarah, aka Dirty Diva, tell her there will be hell to pay if she doesn’t get Feelz Good some Hello Kitty pins as promised.  If you actually did that, she’d probably bust out laughing

  13. Kusinagi on said:

    Trixie: New plan for e3.. Thursday night..  All the vodka and stolli’s you want.. on me.. =)

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