E3: Day 2. What you DIDN’T see at the Press Briefing

Made you look! No, I’m not spilling any beans here. I already got busted for publishing something that wasn’t supposed to be published. I saw some Xbox dudes in the lobby and they flipped me shit. Asked if I was going to leak the name of the next console. I said, "Yeah it’s Xbox Kiss My Ass."
Here’s the rundown on Day 2
  • 7:30am call in the lobby. Too dang early.
  • Have an icky remorseful feeling all day from my shameful behavior the night before. Wish I could control-Z that!
  • One coworker locked himself out of his room in his underwear. Had to go to the lobby in his skivvies!
  • Another coworker lost his PT Cruiser in the E3 garage. If it had been anyone else we would have given him a raft of shit. But since he’s the boss we just had to suck it up and go, "Hmmm, maybe it’s over there?"
  • Saw the Xbox MVPs waiting in line to get into Grauman’s Chinse when I was leaving. e proudly showed off the fact that he was wearing denim shorts. I told him he looks like a troll.
  • Hung out in a suite at the Roosevelt all day. I know it’s supposed to be all swanky, but it sorta reminds me of prison. One of those country club prisions, but still. You know how I hate those minimalist modern snooty hotels ie the Mondrian.
  • Went to the convention center and picked up my press creds. WooT!
  • Got all stoked when I saw the blogger bus. Ran into John P and Cesar in the hotel lobby and they’d just been to the store stocking up on goodies for the bus. Yes, Virginia, they did get Diet Coke.
  • Had dinner with my new boss, who just arrived from Seattle. He comes to us from MSNBC and seems pretty cool. Definitely knows his stuff. I’m sure I made a delightful first impression as I swilled cosmos and complained about the whiners and babies among the Ambassadors that I am going to purge from the program when I get back to Redmond.
  • For those of you keeping track, Elle has thus far kept to her side of the bed.


  1. Whiners and babies, how funny.  Look me up if you need a mature new Ambassador, TriXie.  (Age withheld to protect the guilty)

  2. My life is consumed by looking for E3 details.  Just to let you
    know, in my book people who say woot are just as bad as someone who
    wears sandals with socks.

  3. Um… how on earth did he end up out of his hotel room in his skivvies in the first place?  I mean, I’ve locked myself out – who hasn’t? – but I’ve always been dressed when I’ve done it…
    Better yet, I’d rather not know. 🙂

  4. "Xbox Kiss My Ass" you say.  We’ll see the final name when marketing gets a hold of it.
    Let your co-workers know from the outside loop of Microsoft, that you didn’t let the cat out of the bag on the big news.  You perked our interested in guessing and when we finally found out it was more like…."Oooohhh, that is what Trixie was talking about."

  5. Why the heck would they whine?  Being an Ambassador is very cool, and a lot of fun if you ask me!Jerks.

  6. Sounds like you are havin a good time. I am happy for you that Elle hasnt started spoonin with ya. LOL  I hope I am not one of the ambassadors being purged because I have meet some cool newbies. Aight have fun and keep us informed.

  7. Yea that sucks people might complain about being an ambassador.  Don’t know why they would.  I would imagine it to be a very cool opportunity to represent the forefront of innovation, and if there are any spots open, I’d love to hop on!

  8. HAH! I met you this morning. Finally! I volunteer for the Ambassador program.. I did earlier but didn’t get selected.

  9. You crack me up, sounds like you’re having way too much fun. I am curious what the other ambassadors are whining about? I did have one friend ask me if i was getting paid to be an Ambassador. I told him it i was gonna be online anyways, might as well help some new people get aquainted.

  10. The bed part was really informative. I was kind of wondering already… j/kNew boss?!? Fun fun!!Me needs new boss too. Better saying, me needs job. lolI love your stories!*happy E3 and keep on sharing*

  11. The only thing I could complain about as an Ambassador is that there is not enough to do! That and Oblivion taking up too much of my Xbox 360 time….

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