E3 – Day 4

Whew! We’re in the home stretch now. Last day of E3 today. Here’s the roundup on yesterday:
  • Elle and I hit the breakfast buffet where I scarfed food like a bulimic.
  • Major Nelson made a crapload of videos, lost his voice again and handed the mic off to me.
  • I interviewed Greg Canessa, GM for Xbox Live Arcade. We talked Zuma, Madonna, Bill Gates, and games.
  • I also interviewed Jade "the Canadian TriXie" and her E3 contest winner.
  • Met up with a WHOLE BUNCH of gaming chicks (gamer girls and game industry broads) for a group photo. Scored an awesome tshirt that says Girls FTW. This was the brainchild of the Frag Dolls and Women in Gaming International. It will be an annual event, and I predict that next by next year we will have doubled our numbers!
  • Swung by the blogger bus. N0M4D told me that his blogger bus credentials were getting him awesome access to the other booths! Hey, does Trix hook you up or what?
  • Rolled out of the convention center around 7:30pm. Had a cosmo and a giant steak with Elle, my new boss HIGHBURY GUNNER, and the big boss of dotcom, Mark.
  • After dinner Elle and I headed over to the swanky hotel to say goodbye to Blazah our E3 sweeps winner.
  • We ended up hanging out in a suite with some of the Xbox MVPS: DirtyDiva, Fatty Chubs (look Fatty, one ‘b’) Zamees, Godfree, and S4Lee. They all played Texas Hold ’em, while I dozed and watched Jackass. I LOVE Johnny Knoxville.
  • I suggested that we play Nutball; not having nuts of course, it’s easy for me to suggest. No one wanted to play. However, Diva wanted to see my bottlecap flicking skills, and somehow that ended up in a sugar fight. Tony nailed me in the cheek with a packet of sugar, but he felt really really bad about it.
  • Rolled home at 2:30am where I ran into a bunch of ATG (sorry, GTG) dudes who were just back from the Ubisoft party. They were very excited about the In-and-Out Burger truck that was outside the venue. I was jealous. They told me I could have gone, that pigtails always work in lieu of an actual iinvite. Well thanks for letting me know that NOW, jerks!


  1. Did I miss something, jmz28?
    Anyways, Trixie say "Hi" to DirtyDiva and the other MVPs and tell them the forums are in chaos without them.   Anarchy I tell you! Now excuse me for I need to do some more flamming and spamming.

  2. The Girls FTW is an awesome idea!It does feel great to see our numbers increasing that much and we gaining more respect from the industry and from the male players.We are not better or worse, we are gamers like everybody else.*have fun*  

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